The Dog Wash

Luckily, Chester does not need a bath often, but every once in awhile we still have to do the nasty deed and put him into his dog tub.

I do like the dog tub because he is up at my level, but it has its problems.

To get it into the bathroom, I have to take 2 of the legs off or it won’t go through the door – so I did that and put the legs back on once it was in there.  The drain hose had fallen off, so I put that back on and it seemed firmly on.  I put the front legs of the tub into my tub and the drain was over the bathroom floor, with the hose draining into the main tub.  This way the front is raised so the water flows nicely out the drain.

I bribed Chester upstairs and into the tub with some treats and got him hooked up in it, then started running some water to get the temperature right.  Suddenly the hose fell off and all the water was coming out onto my bathroom floor.  Luckily I had just brought a load of towels up from the laundry, so I had plenty of clean towels to use to mop the floor.

Change of plans.  I got Chester out of the tub and turned it around so the drain was over the main tub.  This means that water collects in the other end of the tub since it is quite a bit lower than the end with the drain, but we were going to get this bath done today.

It took a little more bribing to get Chester back upstairs and into the tub, but he was soon up and back into the tub again and the bath began.  Without any further problems, he was washed and well rinsed off with some towel drying while still in the tub.  There is quite a bit of water in the tub at this point, so I could not dry him much without getting more towels wet.

Although Chester doesn’t enjoy a bath, he does enjoy the rubdown afterwards as well as the balance of the treats I brought upstairs for him.  He also loves to race around outside, but it is a little too chilly to put him out while wet.

He also had to lick himself to dry off.  I’m never sure if how or why licking drys him off, but all dogs I’ve ever had do the same thing.

Chester Licking Feet
Chester Licking Feet
Relaxing After Bath
Relaxing After Bath

After he licked himself dry, Chester had to relax on his usual spot on the couch.  Poor boy is exhausted.  I seem to be a little damp and need a change of clothes now.

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