It Is Frozen

I can not remember ever seeing the Red River completely freeze up in one day before.  Yesterday there was ice along the edges and today it is completely frozen.

Frozen - Nov 13
Frozen – Nov 13

It is hard to tell in the picture looking into the sun, but in the next one, it is obvious that the river is frozen.  The parts along the bank look to be running water, but that has been frozen for a few days now and is the most solid part of the ice on the river.

Frozen - Nov 13
Frozen – Nov 13

In yesterday’s pictures, you can see the ice along the shore and in one picture you can see the ice forming in the middle of the river so we knew it was coming.  I just don’t remember ever seeing it freeze up so quickly from bank to bank.  Mother Nature likes to surprise us.

I am sure there are  sections of the river that have not frozen yet, but not in my area.  This will probably be the smoothest ice and will be great for skating once it is more solid.

It is nowhere near safe enough to walk across yet.  Please keep dogs and children away from the river.

It was a chilly -11C when Chester and I walked this morning with a windchill of -16C.  When will it be spring again?

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    1. I’m not really interested in skating on the river Erin, but you’re welcome to, if you come here in the winter. I don’t even have skates, but they do put a long skating rink along both the Red and Assiniboine Rivers and I’ve seen private rinks shoveled off sometimes too.


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