I Failed

After years of convincing people that I am perfect, it is hard to admit that I made a mistake and that I failed at something.  If you remember, I retired in the spring this year.  That is what I failed.  One of the employees at the Y suggested that I should be looking to see if there is a book called “Retirement for Dummies”.

I knew when I left the Y that I could not afford to completely  retire and a couple of weeks later, I had a part-time job that seemed perfect.  I had the hours and days I wanted to work, with the possibility of extra hours once in awhile.  I also signed up  to work with the Adult Day Program at the Y as a sub.  I had previously volunteered with this program.

That was working out great until one of the supervisors decided (just because he could) to cut my hours in 1/2 by scheduling someone else for one of my clients.  Luckily for me, the Adult Day Program scheduled me for most of my extra hours for a few weeks, but when that ran out, I did not have enough hours at the other job to pay my bills.

Just at the right time for me, the Y was hiring for desk staff, which is the job I had previously done there – so I applied, asking if I could come back to my old job.  There have been some changes there in the almost 6 months I have been gone, but otherwise, I shouldn’t need any training.

Luckily for me, they did hire me back and I start again next week.  I know my schedule for the next 2 weeks and after that I will get my regular schedule.  The best thing about this is that I will be able to keep my clients at my other part-time job and have the extra hours I need at the Y.

Things are under control again – but I am a retiree failure.

Chester - Nov 22
Chester – Nov 22

10 thoughts on “I Failed

  1. You have not failed. One door has closed, you have tried but then another door opens again and you will now be back on track. Even better by the sounds of it
    I remember my Mother left one of her jobs and we moved down to Bala in Wales but we only stayed 6 months and she then came back to Reading in Berkshire where she was able to go back to her old job. best wishes for the coming months.
    Fan sends sloppy kisses and nose rubs to Chester. She apologizes for not letting you know how she’s getting on but life is very busy learning and getting in lots of walks


    1. Thanks Erin, but it would have been nice if I’d had a bit more time to enjoy it. I’m just glad that I have enough hours to keep going, but time off to do my own things too.


  2. That wasn’t a fail, it was a six month break so that they could realise how much they missed you, perfect 😉


  3. I’d say you didn’t fail, but you tried something different and when circumstances changed, you were resourceful in your response to them. Good lookin’ out!


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