Walking on Ice

On Sunday evening, we had freezing rain here.  Everything was coated in ice and although the main streets were fine for driving due to all the traffic, the residential streets, sidewalks and steps were very slippery.  The city has coated the streets and intersections with lots of sand, so it is just the sidewalks and steps to be careful on now.

I was glad I had got myself a new pair of spikes for my shoes and wished I could get studded paw covers for Chester for our walks.  The sidewalks that had not been shoveled down to the pavement were not as slippery as the ones that had been done.

Poor Chester had a few falls but I still had trouble convincing him to walk on the grass where it was not slippery.  He finally agreed to stay off the sidewalks (unless he was stalking a bunny or squirrel).

Any new snow that comes now will just cover the ice to hide it.  With the base of ice on the ground, my spikes will be worn all winter this year.

As of this morning, the temperature has now dropped to -24C with a ‘feels like’ temperature of -30C (-22F).

On the plus side, it seems there was a squirrel convention in my yard while I wasn’t around.

Squirrel Tracks
Squirrel Tracks



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