I’ve got a little bit of progress here and a little bit of progress there.

First – the job situation:  It looks like I will have 3 shifts at the Y each week.  The shifts are 4 hours each – so 12 hours per week.  I also have 3 shifts at Comforts of Home each week.  These shifts are 3 hours each – so 9 hours per week.  Two of these shifts are on the same days I work at the Y.  I have one afternoon still open for another 3 hours with them and I often get an extra shift to cover that.  Because it is open, there is a possibility to change it to a regular shift, which would give me a regular 12 hours per week with each place.  I have also left 2 days per week open to fill in with the Y’s Adult Day Program – these shifts would be 6 hours per day, but are not regular days. This gives me time off work every 2nd weekend plus 2 possible additional days off per week.

Basically, I am scheduled to work 4 days per week for a total of 21 hours per week.  I am very happy with this.  I should be able to catch up on the bills I had to pay with my line of credit at the bank before too long.

Second – the FitBit situation:  After the great start I had – losing 6 lbs in a month, my weight loss stalled and I spent the next 5 weeks, gaining and losing the same pound, over and over again.  I was walking an average of 16,000 steps daily and logging my foods, but my body realized what I was doing and decided to hold onto what it had.  Finally in the last week, I managed to loose another 3 lbs and hopefully we won’t hit another wall quite so quickly again.  I think I was just eating more than I thought I was.  I have now joined My Fitness Pal, where they have a better selection of foods listed.  I do not have a scale and am not weighing my foods, but am eating smaller portions.

I now have 3 websites keeping track of things for me – FitBit, Walking for Fun and My Fitness Pal.  The Walking for Fun site is great.  I have already walked The Crater Lake Trail, Florida Keys Trail and the Tahoe Rim Trail and am currently walking the Scottish Highlands Way.  I wonder if I could walk to Dallas instead of driving next time I need a weekend away from the city?  🙂

Third – Finding Rover:  I just heard about a website (with a phone app) called Finding Rover.  It is a free site that if used can help you get your dog back home if lost.  I just registered Chester.  I don’t expect he will ever be lost, since he doesn’t go anywhere even if he gets out of the yard.  But he is getting older and is a little deaf now.  He loves to chase squirrels and bunnies, so if he got out of the yard and started chasing one, he could be lost.  He does not wear any ID because the collar was irritating the lumps he had on his neck.  Since we walk around the neighbourhood a lot, I think he would find his way back home, but it does not hurt to have him listed on this site.  The biggest problem getting him listed is that they need a face picture of him – and he does not look at the camera.  I have lots of side pictures or slightly off a straight on picture, but those don’t work.  By using their phone app, it sounds like a puppy in distress, so I did manage to finally get a picture that worked when he looked at it.


This isn’t the picture that worked – LOL