Mystery Prints

I cam home from shopping today and noticed some footprints on a light dusting of snow on my sidewalk.  I do not recognize these prints.

I know bunny, squirrel, dog, cat and human without any difficulty, but these certainly do not belong to these groups.

Critters that might be a possibility could be porcupine and groundhog (both of which I have seen in this area although several years ago), skunk or racoon (which I have never seen around this area, but do live in the city).  Living as close to the river as I do could also open the possibilities up to almost anything, but the one I have mentioned should be about the right size (maybe).

I have looked online at prints of the possible critters, but am not sure – so I am hoping someone will know what has been in my yard.

Zoomed in Slightly
Zoomed in Slightly
Full view of Tracks
Full view of Tracks
More Zoom
More Zoom on the clearest prints

Clicking on the pictures will give a larger view.

Any opinions?

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