Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Anyone who knows me know that I am not a cook or a baker and seldom do anything more of either of those duties, than I have to in order to survive.  When I do make something out of necessity, it certainly isn’t fancy and I often substitute ingredients in the recipe for something that I actually have on hand.  It has been mentioned (once or twice) that I was never domesticated.

Anyway, I had 3 over ripe bananas this morning and thought about making banana bread, but decided to look online for other ideas.  First recipe I found was Banana Peanut Butter Cake.  This looked very yummy, but it called for 5 eggs and I only had 1 in the house.  I looked further and found Banana Oatmeal Cookies, and thought the ingredients were basic enough that I should have them.

So, I mashed up the bananas and then realized I didn’t actually have any oatmeal, except for a few instant oatmeal breakfast packages.

Instant Oatmeal
Instant Oatmeal

I had Maple & Brown Sugar ones and the recipe called for brown sugar so that would do.  I had 4 individual packs and those went into the mashed bananas and I mixed them up.  I added some butter (but didn’t measure it – looked like about 1/2 cup), but decided it probably wouldn’t need any more sugar than what was in the oatmeal packs.  I didn’t have any ground cloves either, but otherwise I pretty much followed the recipe.  🙂  I thought about adding chocolate chips, and decided against that.  Everything goes good with chocolate chips though.

Amazingly enough, they turned out ok.  I’m always surprised when that happens!

before baking
before baking
after baking
after baking

If you are interested in either of these recipes, you can click on the name of the recipe above to find them.


6 thoughts on “Banana Oatmeal Cookies

  1. They look scrumptious, I must try them. I make a lot of different breads and cakes in a bread maker and sometimes the recipes have to be changed due to unavailability of some ingredients. The shops here are not stocked many times and you have to improvise 🙂

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      1. Your right the bread doesn`t last long.The only trouble is that it takes so long to cook compared to using an oven.Although there is a dough making cycle which is handy if you want to make rolls. The family likes the French bread the most, but the cinnamon and fruit goes the same day. I put more cinnamon and fruit in it than it says in the recipe and it smells great while baking or making toast with it. 🙂


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