I Went for a Walk

Chester and I go for 2 walks every day, but the last few days, I have been trying to beat my steps from the days before.  To do that today, I had to go on a longer walk.

This started innocently enough on Saturday.  I had a shift to work at a location fairly close to home.  I go there often, but usually I go from one location to another and there isn’t much time in between – so I drive.  This time I did not have an earlier shift and it was fairly mild outside, so I walked.

The 7,000 steps back and forth that day gave my steps a boost for the day.  I had over 20,000 steps for the day.  I have made it over 20,000 steps before, but normally I am in the 16,000 range (which is my official daily goal).  I didn’t work on Sunday, and thought it would be nice to beat my distance that day, so I went to the zoo.  There is a good distance to cover at the zoo and by the end of the day, I beat my Saturday total by about 1,000 steps.

Now, it is Monday and again I am not working, so it just seemed natural to beat that distance today.  🙂  I mapped the distance to the Forks, but that wasn’t quite long enough.  I still went to the Forks, but took a longer route than the most direct one.

I had my official goal of 16,000 steps met before I got home and had an additional 1,000 steps by the time I did get home.

I have to work tomorrow – so that will cut down my steps for the day, but I’ll see what I can get up to for the rest of today and then will work on tomorrow.

Here are my last 2 days according to FitBit and my day today as of noon.

Dec 20Dec 21 Dec 22Chester and I still have a walk ahead of us this afternoon and I have laundry to do (up and down the basement stairs).  Do you think I can make it to 25,000 steps?  🙂

12 thoughts on “I Went for a Walk

    1. Thanks kcg1974. Something as simple as the fitbit – along with the associated website and the fact that their website connects with other websites – really does give me a little push to get those numbers up.


        1. Thanks kcg1974. I do plan on working on this for some time – but I am enjoying it, so that helps.
          My suggestion would be to start moving more NOW. After years of working at the Y, I know that most people who come in with their New Year’s Resolutions to start in January seldom continue – but the ones in start in December usually do.


          1. Now you have me really thinking! I’m only making excuses, it’s true. Tomorrow is the day. Setting the clock to rise and shine. Walking the dog before dawn!! Thank you for inspiration that was badly needed. Bless you. 🙂

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