FitBit Update #1

Back at the end of September, 2014 I got myself a FitBit Flex and started walking to get those steps in and lose some weight.  You enter your goals in at the site and it suggests that you set small goals to give encouragement along the way.  I set my initial weight loss goal at 11 lbs, just to make my weight an even number.  Well, this morning, I met that first goal.  It took 14 weeks and a little longer than it maybe should have because I haven’t broken all of my poor eating habits yet – but I’m trying.

I have set my next goal at 15 more pounds to lose.  I don’t know what my final weight goal will be yet.  I’m just going to take small steps (by taking lots of steps).

Since last writing about my Flex, I have increased my daily activity goals.  At this time my daily step expectation is 16,000, my daily distance is 7.5 miles and my daily very active minutes is 65.  I am happy to say that I make those goals most days.  If I can get the steps in, the rest are also met.  I made it over 20,000 steps a few times in the last month, with my busiest day getting to 26,332 steps.  I was a little sore the day after that one, but got my 25,000 step badge.  🙂

Steps: Dec 14 - Jan 4
Steps: Dec 14 – Jan 4

Looking at this myself now, I see that I missed my goals twice a week, but on different days each week.  Today’s doesn’t count since I am writing this at 8:30 am and haven’t had much time to walk yet. The green ones are the ones where I met or exceeded my goal of 16,000 steps and the tallest one was my over 25,000 step day.

The 2 slow days last week were actually due to a problem with my FitBit Flex.  The lights would go off and it was not registering or holding a charge.  I wrote an email to customer service and told them of my frustrations.  There had been a few instances before when it stopped working and I received instructions on cleaning the contacts and re-setting the Flex, which worked at the time, but those 2 days were particularly frustrating.  Customer service replied to my email and are in the process of sending me a new Flex that I should have it within the next 2 weeks.

Along with the FitBit site to track my steps, activity and sleep, I also joined Walking 4 Fun and using my steps, have been covering a few virtual hikes around the world.  So far I have walked the equivalent of The Crater Lake Trail (36 miles), the Florida Keys Trail (138.8 miles), Wonderland Trail (140.7 miles), Tahoe Rim Trail (173.1 miles), Scottish Highlands Way (201.5 miles) and I am currently walking in France on the Chemin Le Puy Trail where I have covered 31.8 of 458.6 miles.

Another site I have joined is My Fitness Pal.  This site is better than FitBit’s site for tracking food.  Its data base is huge and it is so easy to find nutritional information to make entering intake quick and easy.  These sites all link together to share information.

I am registered on all these sites as mavimet, so if you are a member on any of them, please let me know and we can keep track of each other and offer encouragement.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this! I have the Flex too and want to lose about 40 to 50lbs when all is said and done! I have started blogging as a part of my fitbit journey too. I also have a goal in 2015 to start my own “fitbitting” class, a group step completion dance session.


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