Computer Problem

There have been a few things going on around here – one of which made posting here a little difficult.

My computer crashed.  This computer is about 2 1/2 years old and has Windows 7.  When I bought it I bought the warranty with a monthly payment.  This allowed me to take the computer home and have it remotely set up the way I wanted.  It also allowed me to contact the remote techs any time I had a problem.  Cleaning was included too, but I would have to take it in for that and I was never willing to part with it long enough for that.

As well as the original set up, I used the online techs a couple of times for minor problems.  One of the minor problems was a file on my desktop that did not actually exist.  I could see it – I could move it around with the mouse pointer, but I could not delete it.  I would get a message indicating that it wasn’t there and could not be deleted.  The tech could not delete the nothing either and suggested that I take it in as it might indicate a problem with the hard drive.  Well, I didn’t do that right away because I wasn’t willing to part with it and this nothing wasn’t doing anything – it was just there (or wasn’t there).

Last weekend the computer crashed – that blue screen of death was staring at me.  It recovered from that, but I decided I should get it in to be checked out.

I had purchased it from Future Shop so that is where I took it.  They verified the warranty, said they would run a diagnostic on it, clean it and get rid of the nothing on the desktop.  The next day they called and said the hard drive was defective and they would be putting a new one in.  This would take them 1 or 2 more days.

I do have two computers, so I was not cut off from the world completely – but this one has all my websites bookmarked and tons of information stored that is not on the other computer (which is mostly used for Africam).

Fairly late in the evening on the 2nd of the 1 or 2 days, Future Shop called and said my computer was ready and could come home from their computer hospital.  I had to leave right away to get there before it closed or come back the next day after work, so I chose to pick it up right then.  Everything was covered under the warranty, and there was no charge.

They had set things up, but of course there is lots to do to get it back the way I want it.  I am still looking for things that I am used to having right at my fingertips, but am slowly getting it back where it belongs.  Usually I don’t notice something is missing until I need it.

My history with Future Shop had not been good up until now.  The very first computer I purchased came from them and it was a dud.  I had purchased the warranty that time, but although I took it back to them every week or so due to crashes, but they could never find the problem.  They did nothing at all for me, even though the warranty said that after 3 times with the same problem, the computer would be replaced.  The only problem was that they couldn’t find the problem – so there was no problem.  They lost a lot of business from me over the years and from many of my friends who heard about this from me.

Up until the day 2 1/2 years ago when I came home with this computer, I have not made any purchases from them.  The only reason I bought this computer from Future Shop was because I was going to buy one that day and I could not find anything suitable at either Best Buy or Office Depot or Staples.  Future Shop had what I wanted.  The salesman assured me that things had changed greatly and that most problems could be fixed by the online techs, so I also took the warranty.  This time they did what they promised and I am satisfied.

There is a good chance I will still choose one of the other places in Winnipeg first, the next time I make a purchase – I don’t think the hard feelings will ever go away completely after all Future Shop put me through with that first computer.

Not My Computer
Not My Computer