The Big 5 Personality Test

I received this letter from a young man who needs participants to answer a personality test for his studies.  Please take a look at it and if possible help him out with the anonymous personality quiz.

“My name is Austin Gardner.
I am a Junior in High School and for the past three years I have participated in the Regional and State Intel Science fair with behavioral research I conducted and analyzed myself. This year my research question involves dog owners. I’m trying to determine if parents and dog owners possess similar personality traits. I’m challenging the belief that “you should get a dog before you have a child because it will prepare you for parenthood.” My belief is that people who genuinely want to take care of and love a dog naturally possess good traits for parenthood.

To determine whether or not this is the case I developed an online survey/personality quiz that collects anonymous data to compare the personality traits of dog owners and parents, and provides the participant with information on which of the Big Five Personality Traits they most identify with.

This is where my request comes in. To have a successful study I need a large data set which requires a large group of people to take my survey. So far I’ve only received 145 survey responses with a goal of 500 by mid-February. I would be forever grateful if you and your blog would be willing to help me spread my survey in any means you feel appropriate, whether it be a blog post, or a temporary spotlight.

This link ( leads to the website I made for my survey and includes information about the purpose and methodology.”

I hope some of my readers would like to help out by answering the quiz for him.  It only takes a few minutes.

I took the test and here are my results.

Personality Test
Personality Test