Spring – Coming Soon (Hopefully)

We normally get a nice thaw in February, which helps us make it through the mixed bag of weather we get in March.  That did not happen this year and we had our coldest temperatures throughout the month. The good news for the skaters and river walkers is that the river trail is still open,… Continue reading Spring – Coming Soon (Hopefully)


It is still winter.  The nicest winter we have had in ages has now turned into cold and wind and snow.  On the bright sunny days, like it is today, the temperatures drop.  Right now it is -22C with a windchill that feels like -29C.  Tonight it is supposed to drop to -32C with a… Continue reading Winter

Red River Mutual Trail

I have mentioned the skating rink that Winnipeg sets up along the Red and Assiniboine Rivers during the winter, but in the last couple of weeks, this trail has been expanded greatly along the Red River.  It does not appear to have been put on the Assiniboine River at all, except for the starting point… Continue reading Red River Mutual Trail