MTS and the Snow

I have ranted about MTS before – so no need to go into past problems with them.  I have a new problem with them now and I am not even a customer (never will be again either).

Near me are those lovely green MTS boxes, full of wires and connections, etc.  I see people there from MTS once in awhile, but have no idea what their use is.  The boxes happen to be in a spot where snow piles up and actually having them there might even make the problem worse.

The sidewalks have not been plowed much this winter, so in front of the boxes, there has been a trail made winding around and over the sidewalk as people walked there.  I go along this spot often when Chester and I are out for walks.

A couple of days ago, thee was a new snow obstacle there after someone from MTS shoveled the snow away from a box and dumped it on the trail.  It was already difficult enough to walk this trail, but now it was much worse, with big chunks of snow on the tramped down parts of it.

That night a sidewalk plow came and cleared it away, which put it back up against the MTS boxes.  In the morning, the sidewalk was nice and clear, but when Chester and I went out for our afternoon walk, it was obvious that MTS had been there again and cleared the snow from in front of one of the boxes and dumped it right on the freshly plowed sidewalk.

There is lots of room on the sides and behind the boxes where the snow could have been put –  and now the big chunks of snow are on the sidewalk, making it difficult to walk there again.

I found a contact form for MTS up on the internet and sent an email complaint.

I was surprised to get an answer – but I did get a response.  They apologized and said they would send it to their technical feedback team to ensure that this does not happen again.  They also thanked me for taking the time to tell them about the issue.

The snow, however has not yet been cleaned from the sidewalk.

I did not take a picture of the mess they made before the sidewalk was plowed, but I did take one of the after plowing mess.

MTS and Snow
MTS and Snow

I mentioned in my message that I would appreciate it if MTS  would clean up the mess they made and hoped they would not do the same when they need to get into the other box (where you can see the snow is still piled).

I can not even imagine why anyone would think that covering the sidewalk like this would be an acceptable thing to do.

I will let you know if they get around to clearing it.  Otherwise, I guess we just wait until it all melts in the spring.

UPDATE – March 3/15 – I returned home to find that the sidewalk is now clear.  They also cleared the snow in front of the box that we can see better with the snow up on it in the picture.  I am happy with the outcome.

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