FitBit Update #3

I am continuing on yesterday’s theme of wanting to make sure I stay in good health.  I have been blessed with good health for all of my life except for an occasional short detour along the way.  It is easy to take it for granted when it has always been there.

My only problem right now is my weight – caused entirely by my love of too many  foods that are not healthy.  The weight gain didn’t happen over night – it took years to get to the point where I decided that enough was enough.  My breaking point the first time was 200 lbs and when I got into the 190’s I made plans to get rid of some of it.

That time I got rid of about 40 lbs just by exercising.  That worked for me at the time and I didn’t even try to change my diet.  Then I broke my ankle and could not work out.  I found that the weight was creeping back up again – and again very slowly.   It took years to get back up close to my breaking point (which I set a bit lower this time).

That was when I got my FitBit and started walking.  Then I joined Walking4Fun and My Fitness Pal to give me direction and to show me where my eating habits were the problem.

The overnight oatmeal I mentioned yesterday has replaced the cereals that I used to eat every morning.  The cereals are somewhat healthy, with whole grains  – but they have a high sodium count.  Packaged foods are much too high in sodium.  I still eat cereal, but only once or twice a week now.

A regular dinner these days is fish.  My favourite is Basa Filets without any breading.  They take maybe 4 minutes of frying and served with a couple of vegetables, they make a great meal.  Sometimes I still have a pizza, but not every week any more.  It is harder to drop my favourite foods completely than to just ease it into the background slowly.

I haven’t dropped a lot of weight since my last update – just another 4 lbs in about 5 weeks (for a total of 19 lbs in just over 5 months), but it is still going down and that is what I am trying to do.

Actually, the longer it takes the more I will be settled into my new eating and walking habits – so that’s a good thing.  🙂

Now, a little extra information on the Walking4Fun site.  Most of the trails I have walked are in the U.S., but I headed over to Europe to walk in Scotland and decided to stay to walk in France.  I wasn’t aware of the walk in Spain until I was almost finished France, but that trail continues into Spain, so I’m now walking in Spain.  Looking ahead on the trail, I noticed a couple of towns that I remembered from my trip to Spain many years ago (actually 40).  I didn’t realize it was that long ago until I searched the towns on my blog and found that my memory was correct and I had been there in 1975.  Of course, I wrote the blog about that trip only 2 years ago, so my memory didn’t go back the full 40 years.  I had been in France during that trip too, but none of the towns there brought back any memories.  Anyway – I now have cravings for Paela and Sangria.

The towns I remembered are Burgos and Santander.  Burgos was the first of those 2 towns that we were at.  We didn’t actually stay in Santander, but close to there at Laredo.  You can search my blog for Spain or any of those towns to find some of that trip if you are interested.

Mavis & Angel at Laredo
Mavis & Angel at Laredo

This was me in Spain- 40 years ago!

Some states from Walking4Fun:

My total Steps: 2,670,565 steps
Distance Walked: 1,263.3 miles
Distance Around the Earth: 5.07%