Back in the Neighbourhood

Of course, Chester and I still live and walk around our neighbourhood, which is currently very busy in the furred and feathered department.  We have squirrels, bunnies and birds all over the place.  The number of ducks on the Red River this morning was amazing.  There were hundred, if not thousands just on the 4… Continue reading Back in the Neighbourhood

Fort Whyte Alive

The Fort Whyte Alive Centre in Winnipeg was originally a site owned by a concrete company where they dug clay and gravel for the production of cement.  They later found other sources for these products and abandoned the site.  Luckily the Manitoba Wildlife Federation saw the potential in this site for a wildlife habitat and… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive

FitBit Update #4

I am still slowly losing my excess weight with the help of the motivation I get from having my FitBit with me and logging the foods I eat every day.  I am not on a 100% healthy diet by any means, but I am eating less and eating healthier than I did before.  My total… Continue reading FitBit Update #4

I’ll Just Ignore Today

It is windy, cold and snowing (although very light snow) and I am just going to ignore everything and bring out a some pictures from April 18th that I hadn’t posted yet. I am nearing the end of a 12 hour fast before my doctor’s appointment this morning.  I think I’ll survive if I don’t… Continue reading I’ll Just Ignore Today

Assiniboine Park Zoo – April 2015

I picked up an annual membership to the Assiniboine Park Zoo so will be putting up highlights of many of the visits.  I love the critters there and the zoo gives me a place to walk and enjoy the outdoors, so I will likely go there often especially during the summer months. The bears were… Continue reading Assiniboine Park Zoo – April 2015

Lots of Ducks

This time of year, we have a lot of birds passing through Winnipeg for the spring migration.  It is sometimes difficult to ID the ducks because they never seem to be close enough to be able to get a good look.  Thanks to my new camera and its 50x zoom, I can get pictures good… Continue reading Lots of Ducks

Putting New Camera to the Test

So cameras appear to be my new addiction – although this is directly related to my critter addiction.  My other addictions (if you didn’t know) are chocolate, popcorn and Africam. The new camera is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC HX300 and it had 50x optical zoom.  Now I have to get back to Africa to really… Continue reading Putting New Camera to the Test

Geese, Ducks and a Crow

Time for a bird day.  I got quite a few Canada Geese and Mallard Duck pictures yesterday, plus a Crow from a few days earlier.  I haven’t seen another Robin since that only one I saw several days ago.  Hope he didn’t fly back south again. It is sure nice to have more life around… Continue reading Geese, Ducks and a Crow

What Happened to Spring?

And for that matter – what happened to summer.  I hope those 2 nice days we had earlier this week weren’t spring and summer. I put my spikes back on my shoes for this morning’s walk with Chester. Let’s go back a few days to compare. March 30th in the afternoon, the ice was getting… Continue reading What Happened to Spring?