FitBit Update #4

I am still slowly losing my excess weight with the help of the motivation I get from having my FitBit with me and logging the foods I eat every day.  I am not on a 100% healthy diet by any means, but I am eating less and eating healthier than I did before.  My total weight loss is now 23 lbs.

My FitBit Flex has given me a couple of problems though.  I was having a problem getting it to sync and to keep a charge back at the end of December last year.  The company FitBit has excellent customer service and they replaced it by sending me a new one very quickly.  Now, unfortunately I have run into another problem with it.  I started off putting it on my ankle, since it registered my steps more accurately on the ankle instead of the wrist – especially when walking with my hands full (pushing wheelchair, carrying groceries, etc).  Several weeks ago I got a rash on my ankle where the FitBit was.

I know it is supposed to be worn loosely, so figured that the problem was that it was tight against my ankle because it was under my sock.  I decided to move it to the wrist.  I just tried to make sure my arm was moving when I was walking and it was doing ok until I got a rash on my wrist.

I contacted customer service again and told them that I think I need one that doesn’t have contact with my skin.  They said they would refund my money for the Flex and I could purchase a FitBit One using that, but they couldn’t make a straight exchange.  They emailed me a FedEx mailing label to return the Flex and I have just sent it back to them.

Not wanting to be without a FitBit while waiting for the refund, I went out and bought the One before I put the Flex into transit.  This way my journey will continue without break.  I am at the stage, that I would have continued keeping active and eating healthy even without the FitBit, but the extra goal to meet my daily step challenge is easier with something to count my steps.  I would still keep track of my foods in the My Fitness Pal site anyway though.  The One keeps track of stairs climbed which also includes hills climbed and with stairs in my house and stairs at work, I do go up and down a bit.

As well as going to the zoo here to walk and put on some miles while I take pictures, I have also decided to join Fort Whyte Centre this weekend.  They have a sale on memberships if purchased on this coming Sunday and there are plenty of photo opportunities while walking the trails there.  It will probably be very busy on Sunday, so I may not get many pictures on my first trip, but there should be plenty of pictures coming from that location very soon.

With my FitBit recording my steps – the journey continues.

For a picture, I have this little Song Sparrow that I snapped yesterday while walking with Chester.

Song Sparrow
Song Sparrow