R.I.P Jewel (July 31/96 – May 27/15)

With sadness, I am letting everyone know that my Congo African Grey Parrot, Jewel passed away yesterday.  I have no idea what was wrong as she appeared to be fine right up until the end. While I was home in the evening, she was outside on top of her cage or climbing down to walk… Continue reading R.I.P Jewel (July 31/96 – May 27/15)

A Morning at Fort Whyte

I heard that Goslings and Ducklings had been making appearances at Fort Whyte, so I headed out there yesterday morning to take a peak. I only saw 2 goslings – 1 in each of the 2 families I saw and no ducklings at all.  I didn’t actually see an awful lot of adults either though.… Continue reading A Morning at Fort Whyte

Paddlers or Rowers

Not far from home is the Manitoba Rowing Club.  I often see rowers on the river and lately, I often see (what I know now) are paddlers.  I always assumed they were pretty much the same, since they were in a boat and had an oar (or paddle). Some time ago I took a picture… Continue reading Paddlers or Rowers

The End of the Hawthorne Story

I told you a couple of days ago about my poor Hawthorne Tree coming down after the high winds we had. Next I needed someone with a chain saw to cut the rest of it down and take away the wood for firewood or whatever they wanted to do with it.  First, I posted on… Continue reading The End of the Hawthorne Story

Bye bye Hawthorne Tree

A Hawthorne Tree has grown in my yard for longer than I have lived here (which is 30 years) and it wasn’t a young tree when I got here.  The last few years though, it has been looking a little worse each year.  I cut the dead branches from it and the next year there… Continue reading Bye bye Hawthorne Tree

We Survived a Bath

I may have mentioned here before that Chester does not like having a bath.  He doesn’t need one often luckily, but today was the day.  My afternoon shift at work was canceled so this was the perfect day to get it done and over with. He still seems to like me so I guess we… Continue reading We Survived a Bath

Goslings!!! and a Duck

I have seen reports of goslings at both the Assiniboine Park Zoo and at Fort Whyte Alive, but I haven’t seen any of those ones.  This morning though I saw my first goslings of the year! It is an absolutely beautiful morning after a full day of rain yesterday.  The sun is shining and everything… Continue reading Goslings!!! and a Duck

Around the Yard

It is a pretty chilly morning today with an expected high of only 7C this afternoon.  It was -1C when Chester and I went for our walk and I noticed a few flakes of snow on my car. At this time of year this is expected here though and otherwise, each day is getting warmer. … Continue reading Around the Yard

Grebes and a Flicker

The huge flocks of various ducks, grebes and whatever else was on the Red River last week have moved on.  Yesterday there was one small group of Horned Grebes left, but this morning – nothing. I think these are all Horned Grebes. Edit – May 9/15 I just used a bird ID feature at Merlin… Continue reading Grebes and a Flicker

A Morning at Fort Whyte

On Monday I went back to Fort Whyte to spend a bit of time there.  Next time I will bring my lunch with me or bring some money to get lunch at the restaurant there.  I spent 2 hours walking the trails and didn’t cover all of it, but got hungry and had to go. … Continue reading A Morning at Fort Whyte