The End of the Hawthorne Story

I told you a couple of days ago about my poor Hawthorne Tree coming down after the high winds we had.

Next I needed someone with a chain saw to cut the rest of it down and take away the wood for firewood or whatever they wanted to do with it.  First, I posted on Facebook to see if anyone in my area wanted wood, but only got responses from people much too far away to even think about coming for it.

Then I posted on Kijiji – free wood – just come and cut the tree down to get it.

My first response was from Marvin “So u r asking people to work for free REALLY

I ignored that one, but kept it – just in case I wanted to respond later (after thinking about something good to say).

Not too much after that I got a real response from a real person who wanted the wood and had no problem with doing the cutting to get it.  🙂  We made arrangements for him to come today.  It turns out that this guy knows trees and is just graduating from training to be an Arborist.  He took one look at the spot where the branch broke off the diagnosed the problem.  Of course, I can’t remember – but the name had white in it.

Since I had an expert here, I asked him his opinion on my Mountain Ash Tree also.  It has one large dead branch and a soft spot in the trunk.  He wasn’t able to figure out its problem, but said there is a possibility that it could go down one day too.  He said it would go towards the sidewalk though – instead of my house.  He said he would take the dead branch off it as well as take down the Hawthorne.  He said the rest of the tree looked healthy though.

I still have a pile of the tangle of little branches to cut up and get into yard waste bags for the city to take away, but he loaded up all the logs and took them away.

Tangle of Branches
Tangle of Branches
No Hawthorne
No Hawthorne

You can see the cut he made in the Mountain Ash  and also the little bit of tree stump left of the Hawthorne.

After he left I responded to Marvin.

I’m so sorry you misunderstood.  It was free wood.  I certainly didn’t expect you to have to work for free to get the free wood. It has already been taken though.

So far I haven’t had a response.