The Rose

A few days ago, I went to a picnic put on by one of the places where I work.  It was my first time attending one of these picnics – although I had signed up to go the year before too.  The rain that year caused me to just go home after work instead of going.

This year, rain was also in the forecast, but it was a beautiful evening.

The food was wonderful, the employers treated all the employees wonderful and they even had some great gifts for all of us.

All of us left with a beautiful red rose with baby’s breath and a pedometer.  As someone starting my 2nd year with them, I also received an insulated lunch bag.  Each successive year of employment earned each one more gifts.

Long stem roses are beautiful (to say the least), but I find that they often do not last long and sometimes not even a day or 2.  This one is still beautiful after 3 days and has actually not even changed much.  I didn’t take the first picture until the next morning, so the pictures are only 2 days apart.

Red Rose - June 24th
Red Rose – June 24th
Red Rose - June 26
Red Rose – June 26
Red Rose - June 26 with flash
Red Rose – June 26 with flash

I seldom use flash, but tried it out this morning when I took this picture.

When I went outside to putter in my flower bed this morning, I was happy to see that my rose bush is planning on putting out more flowers soon.  There are 2 clusters of buds.  🙂

Rose Bush - lots of buds
Rose Bush – lots of buds

Looking at it now, I am wondering if I should be cutting off the ones surrounding the centre ones so the main flower will be more impressive looking – or if the cluster will look even better just left on its own.

If anyone here has experience with roses, I would appreciate opinions.  If I get varying opinions, I may have to flip a coin on it.  🙂

Oh – and back to the work that provided the beautiful rose.  It is Comforts of Home – Care, and on the 26th of June, I had my 1 year review.  I hate reviews – they are always scary, but it was a very good one and I was given the top salary as a result.  Unfortunately this probably means that I will not get a raise next year – unless the minimum wage increases and they adjust their wages.