Why Do You Write?

I read this question “Why Do You Write?” on a blog the other day along with her answer.  The blog ended with “Now it’s your turn. Tell me, “Why do you write?

I don’t write as often as I used to write – but I do still enjoy putting my words down for others to read and also for me to look back at sometimes.  Most times now, it is as much (or more) to share the pictures I have taken, but is it also kind of a personal diary where I can check dates as to when something happened by using the search engine here at Word Press.

I don’t remember ever really wanting to write and I did not like it when I HAD to write anything way back when I went to school.

The first thing that I remember ever really wanting and maybe even needing to write was before personal computers – at least before I had one.

The first dog I had that was truly my dog, was my first Irish Setter – appropriately named Red – registered name was Kalay’s Autumn Red.  When Red crossed over the Rainbow Bridge many years ago, I remember having thoughts about him going through my mind constantly.  I would wake up in the middle of the night, or be trying to keep my mind on work, and thoughts of something Red had done would be right there trying to come out – often the same thoughts over and over again.

Red had been with me for over 15 years through 2 marriages and divorces, the birth of my daughter Angela, 4 homes and several other pets, including birds, other dogs and bunnies.

At some point, I decided that if I wrote all these thoughts down, I could maybe get things back under control with my life so I could move on.  So – I started writing – by hand.  It took quite awhile to write and there were pages and pages of handwritten notes and then sentences.  I tried writing from day 1 and moving on throughout his life – but ended up adding more to the beginning when I was in the middle (as thoughts popped up) and drawing arrows to go forward and then back again.

The pages were a mess – but once I was finished, I felt at peace again.  I read them over and over many times, but no longer woke up in the middle of the night or found myself thinking of him instead of working.

I have no idea where those pages went, but I no longer have them and haven’t seen them for years.  It was just the actual writing that brought me peace.

Some time after that, once I had a computer, I started a web page where I wrote about my pets – including my birds.  The owner of the website BellaOnline wrote to me one day after reading my site and asked if I would become the editor of the birds site at BellaOnline.  I was very surprised and honoured that she would ask me – but also very scared to consider writing something every week on a schedule.  After exchanging a few emails, I decided to give it a try and I did that for several years.  You can still find many of my articles up on the site.  🙂

While I was still writing for BellaOnline, I started this blog – using it often to link to my articles there, but also writing about anything and everything that I thought of.  One of my favourite topics was Africam – which is a site that has cameras in various locations at waterholes in South Africa.  I spent many hours watching the cams there, posting pictures that I took from the cams and hanging out the the forum.  Next thing I knew, I got a message from one of the co-owners of Africam asking me to be their newsletter editor.  They didn’t even have a newsletter at the time, but thought this was a good time to start one.

I jumped at the chance to get more involved with Africam and looked after that newsletter for some time.  Awhile after that I was asked to be a moderator on the site and the newsletter was discontinued in favour of quick email alerts and notices.  I am still a moderator there and spend every evening on the site.  🙂

Generally, I write without feelings – I state the facts and continue on – even if the topic holds a lot of feelings and emotions for me.  Even that first topic on Red all those years ago, contained just the facts.  I remember that clearly.

Why Do I Write?

I find it easier to write than to speak.  I am the quiet one at any gathering – but I will usually sit down and write about it.

I write – because I can.  🙂

Since my Red Devil started this whole writing thing, I thought it appropriate that I give you a couple of pictures of him (obviously taken at the same time).  I didn’t have much of a camera at the time, and as you can see, didn’t think of getting in a position to avoid my car in the background – but he was such a handsome guy.

Red Aug 23, 1976 - Dec 27, 1991
Red – Aug 23, 1976 – Dec 27, 1991
Red - Aug 23, 1976 - Dec 27, 1991
Red – Aug 23, 1976 – Dec 27, 1991

So – now I will pass the question onto you.  Why Do You Write?

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