Chester injured himself a few days ago.  He was acting his usual goofy self and got excited over the walk we were about to go on.  He is always excited about walks, but this time he raced around behind me and the next thing I heard was a thump as he fell down.  He had trouble getting up, so I helped him and he held his left back leg up for a few minutes.

A few minutes later he put his foot down and used it a bit, so I knew it wasn’t broken – whew.  He still wanted to go for a walk, so I decided that we would go out the back door and just around to the front.  By then he was walking fairly normal, so we went around the block.

After lying down later, he was back to holding the leg up for a few minutes again.  Of course, this happened on Saturday afternoon, so our veterinarian’s office was closed until Monday.  Because there was nothing broken, I did not feel a trip to the emergency service was necessary.  On Monday I talked to the vet’s office and made an appointment for Tuesday after work.

By Tuesday, he was walking fairly normal with only a slight trace of a limp and very little holding his leg up after naps.  We went to the appointment anyway and he had an x-ray taken and blood work done.  It seems he has done some damage to his CCL, which is similar to ACL in humans.

Now, Chester is taking Metacam and is on controlled outings – which means no walks and only out in the yard to do what has to be done. I have to put him on a leash to prevent him from jumping off the deck if he sees a squirrel or rabbit.  Once I know the yard is clear of critters I can let him off leash, but stay out to supervise him.  Needless to say, he is not happy about no walks.  When I am at work, he sleeps and I have him confined to just the back porch and kitchen, so he doesn’t see outside to get excited about critters going by.  When I am home, he is bugging me to do something or take him outside or play or …..

When I am home, I block us in the living room to prevent him from racing from the living room window to the sun room window and I have to physically stop him from going from one living room window to the other.  This is supposed to go on for 6 weeks or so in the hopes that he will heal.  I sure hope it helps because this is going to be a long 6 weeks.  He has not been confined to a crate for many years and I am sure he would hurt himself by going around in circles if put him in one now.

The vet also has me putting ice on his knee a few times a day.  He tolerates the ice, but gives me some pretty strange looks while I am holding it there.  She had suggested a frozen gel pack, but all I did was freeze a small amount of water flat in a sandwich sized plastic baggie.  Then I broke the ice in half (still inside the baggie) and wrap it around his knee.  Once finished it goes back into the freezer for next use.  We do this several times a day for a few minutes each time.  I could add some rubbing alcohol to water to make a more flexible ice pack and may do that later.

While we were at the vet’s office, I mentioned that 12 years ago, on his first visit there, he had not been happy with the vet that day when she was checking one of his back legs and that I thought it had been the left one.  She went back in his file and quoted what that vet had written “he is a nice dog, but growled at me when I manipulated his left hind leg”.

Chester had been about 7 months old at that time and she told me that we may have problems with this leg at some point.

I would appreciate it if everyone would hope for Chester to recover during the next 6 weeks.  Fingers, thumbs, toes or whatever you can cross, crossed for him please.  If prayers are your preference, those would certainly be appreciated too.

I took a couple of pictures of him in the back yard this morning.  He was sniffing around to see what he has been missing by not spending much time outside.

It is a very dull, rainy morning.

Chester - Oct 23/15
Chester – Oct 23/15
Chester - Oct 23/15
Chester – Oct 23/15

Get well soon Chester – I miss our walks too!

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  1. I use a one pound bag of rice for both hot and cold packs. I keep it in the freezer in a ziplock bag. If it needs to be hot, I pop it in the microwave for a minute or two. If you give him a treat after the cold pack treatment, he might look forward to it more. Hope he recovers quickly!

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  2. Oh Chester you will now take life a bit slower until you get better.I know its hard but rest up and have your treatment and you will soon be able to go for your walks again. nose rubs from benji and love from Mary x x

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