Twelve years ago – on the day after Black Friday – Chester came home with me and my daughter, Angie. A couple of weeks earlier I had seen and responded to a message on one of the local dog email groups that indicated an Irish Setter was at a rescue and looking for a home. … Continue reading Chester

Fort Whyte – Buffalo, Geese, Duck

Continuing with more of the critters from yesterday’s trip to Fort Whyte Alive, I’ve got pictures of Buffalo, Canada Geese and a Mallard Duck to show you. While I was standing and talking to the people who had the deer following them yesterday, we saw a large flock of Canada Geese flying over us.  I… Continue reading Fort Whyte – Buffalo, Geese, Duck

What’s the Rush?

Eventually, I usually get around to getting things done.  🙂 A few weeks ago I was thinking about getting the plastic up on 2 of my windows upstairs that have quite a draft.  The cold weather would be coming soon and they would need to be covered. Then a couple of weeks ago, I dragged… Continue reading What’s the Rush?