A little Over 7 Years Ago

On August 14th, 2008, I posted my first blog entry here on Word Press.  I had no followers and I don’t think anyone ever read it – but I wasn’t really looking for people to read – I was just looking for a place to write.

Today I read 1st BLOGOVERSARY!!! written by Darly and that was what got me thinking about how long I have been writing.  I really had no idea – so had to look it up.

In case you’re interested, my first post was Hello World.

I was almost thinking that this would be my own personal online diary – but would keep it open for anyone to read if they wanted to.  After awhile, people did start to read and then to follow my blog.

At the time, I was writing for the Birds Site at Bellaonline and had been doing that for several years.  I had many subscribers to my newsletter and each article I wrote would have hundreds of views. Many of my articles are still up on the site and they are currently looking for a new editor to write about pet birds.

After many years of writing about pet birds, I was running out of new and interesting things to say and thought this would be a way to branch out to talk about other things.  I learned a lot about writing while with BellaOnline.  There are also other sites there needing editors, so if anyone here is interested (you don’t need to be a professional writer – they will train you), please take a look around the site and submit an application.  If you do – please tell Lisa that I said hi!

Most blogs have a theme – but I talk about anything or everything that comes into my mind on a given day.  I never really considered myself a writer, but I found that putting the words down on paper (virtual paper or real paper) helped put things into perspective.  Once it was written down, I could stop worrying that I would forget the details and found it easier to solve a problem I was having – or whatever it was that was dwelling in my thoughts.

Anyway – this is not a blogoversary for me, since that was in August – but a reminder of how things have changed in the last 7 years.  I’m looking forward to the next 7 years.  🙂

If it wasn’t raining outside today (which it has been doing for the last week or so), Id be out doing some yard work right now.  I am thinking that my yard cleanup will be done next spring when the snow melts because the leaves have not been dry enough to mulch since  falling from the trees.  Oh well – it won’t be the first time.

My wet leaf-covered yard
My wet leaf-covered yard

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Belated blog birthday wishes, wow 7 years, I have almost done 3 and that seems a long time. Our garden is covered in wet leaves and fir cones at the moment, its seems to be the in thing 🙂

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