What’s the Rush?

Eventually, I usually get around to getting things done.  🙂

A few weeks ago I was thinking about getting the plastic up on 2 of my windows upstairs that have quite a draft.  The cold weather would be coming soon and they would need to be covered.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I dragged the plastic upstairs, measured the windows and started putting the tape up.  Unfortunately, I ran out of tape before I finished the first window – so I put tape on my shopping list.

Last week, I picked up the tape while out shopping and thought about making the effort to get this little chore done.

Last night winter struck.  The winds were nasty and the draft upstairs between those two windows made it very chilly.

Today after work, I finally got the plastic on the windows.  🙂

The whole job today took about 10 minutes.

Here is my winter wonderland.

Chester in our winter wonderland
Chester in our winter wonderland

Those branches on the right (that I haven’t got around to cutting up yet) give a nice touch to the yard – don’t you agree?   😉

And the snow nicely covers all the leaves that I never did get around to raking or mulching.

I wonder if I should think about shoveling the snow.  Maybe it will melt and I won’t have to.

A Round Tuit
A Round Tuit

I just found a rount tuit – I wonder if that will help me get around to it quicker.


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      1. Oh I agree, it looks pretty, but I feel the same as you…. I would rather see it in someone else garden then mine. By the way Chester looks lovely and red against the snow 🙂

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