Wrapping Things Up

A few months ago my daughter, Angie left the province of Manitoba heading for a warmer climate in British Columbia.  She has always complained about Manitoba winters – hating the cold and snow here.

I don’t blame her – I do not enjoy the winters here either – but this is home – so I stay.  We do have great summers – but the winters can be brutal.

So, for the first Christmas in many years, I had to pack a parcel to send to her instead of just handing her present to her.

I didn’t have much to send her because what she wanted was money to buy things for her new home.  I sent an IKEA gift card to her by purchasing it online and having them send it.  I also wanted to send a cheque and needed something to wrap, so I got socks for both Angie and her boyfriend Kori, and Chester had picked out a toy to send to the cats.  One more thing I found to send was a 2016 calendar with Winnipeg pictures – so they wouldn’t forget where they came from.  🙂

I put the socks in boxes to wrap them up.  Angie’s socks went into a Christmas card box and Kori’s socks went into a cereal box (cut to fit). Then the wrapped boxes of socks were put into a larger box, along with the wrapped cat toy and the calendar.  Before closing up the box, I went to look for a Christmas card to put into the box also, but the card box I found had Angie’s socks in them.  I quickly realized that I had wrapped the box of Christmas cards instead of the box that had the socks in them. 😀

So – I unwrapped the box of Christmas cards and wrapped the box that had the socks in and put everything back in.  I forgot to actually put the Christmas card in the box and didn’t think of that until after it was mailed – so they didn’t get a card this year.  Once everything (except the Christmas card) was in the box, I began to close it to get it ready to send.  The only problem was that the calendar was about an inch too tall to let the box close.

I folded that end of the box up and over the calendar and then made a soft side for that end of the box by putting layers of packing papers in place of where the cardboard should have been.  I was still kind of chuckling while wondering what Angie’s reaction would have been if I had actually mailed her a box of Christmas cards while doing this.

Then I started wondering if the post office would even accept my ‘pieced together box’ for shipment, so I headed over to get it mailed with my fingers crossed.

It turns out I had nothing to worry about as they took the box without complaint and gave me the tracking number to watch it cross the country. I was happy to find out that it was delivered faster than they had even estimated.

Hopefully I will get better with shipping as the years go by.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Here is a picture of the small gathering we had at my brother & his wife’s place this year.

Christmas Dinner 2015
Christmas Dinner 2015

Left to Right, we have me, my niece Kaitlyn, my nephew Riley, my brother Al, Ingrid, my nephew Richard (Riley & Kaitlyn’s Dad) and my Mom Hazel.  My sister in law Carol took the picture.

A larger group will be meeting at my Nephew & his wife’s place tonight.  Then I will have to stop eating for the next month or so.  😉