Here We Go Again

Two years ago, the city plows clearing the sidewalks, damaged the fence next door.  Last year we didn’t get much snow, and the fence still had not been fixed by the city anyway, but no further damage was done.  The owner finally got the fence fixed during the summer and now the plow has damaged it again.

The damage isn’t as bad, but likely one post will have to be replaced (compared to 3 last time).

I was talking to him about it this morning and we agreed that up until 3 years ago there had been no problem – but that is about when the electrical boxes for MTS and then Shaw were put up on the boulevard across from this section of fence.  The boxes are pretty close to the sidewalk and the plow operators must be moving closer to his fence to avoid the boxes.  The snow is also building up more there than it used to – most likely caused by these boxes.

2016-01-01 Jan 1 001 (800x599)

The Sidewalk Ends sign is a bit deceiving since it looks to be right at the end of the fence, but there is a sidewalk going the other way at the end of the fence and about 5 feet of fence between the little sidewalk mountain and that sidewalk and then the sign.  As you can see the plow was unable to get through and the fence has been damaged.  They have left a 3 foot tall sidewalk mountain for pedestrians to climb over

2016-01-01 Jan 1 002 (800x563)2016-01-01 Jan 1 003 (800x600)

There are 2 passages over the sidewalk mountain – right against the fence, which may further damage the fence or over the top in the middle, which is a bit higher to climb.

After I took these pictures, the owner of the property came out and shoveled the sidewalk out by himself to avoid further damage to his fence.

Hopefully we have had our full order of snow for the winter and things will stay nice and clear until spring.  I can dream anyway.