Red Squirrel

I hope I get some birds at my little bird feeder some time – but so far, just squirrels – and the bunny eating what gets dropped to the ground.

Here is a little Red Squirrel enjoying the feast the other day.

The first picture (which is actually the last one I took) is the only one that is focused on the little critter.  Those little twigs from my Mock Orange got in the way of the rest of them, but he is pretty cute anyway.

2016-01-02 Jan 2 005 (800x599)2016-01-02 Jan 2 004 (800x600)2016-01-02 Jan 2 003 (800x600)2016-01-02 Jan 2 002 (800x600)2016-01-02 Jan 2 001 (800x537)

One thought on “Red Squirrel

  1. Oh he is so cute, you are so lucky to have him visit you……we just have grey boring ones, well they are a little cute, Lynne (Blosslyn) 🙂


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