A Walk Along the Red River

It seems most of my walks lately are in the dark, but a couple of days ago, Chester and I managed a morning walk as the sun was coming up.  It was nice to be able to see around us.  Chester likes the walks in the dark – well, he likes walks anytime, but he can see the bunnies better in the dark than he can during the daylight.  His whole purpose in walking is to find and chase bunnies and/or squirrels.

The little critters are safe from him on our walks, since he is on leash.

Here are the pictures from our daylight walk – including a bit of writing in the snow that I saw.

2016-01-04 Jan 5 001 (800x600)
2016-01-04 Jan 5 002 (800x553)
Sun hasn’t reached this far
2016-01-04 Jan 5 003 (800x599) (2)
2016-01-04 Jan 5 004 (800x569)
Red River Bank
Writing in the Snow
Writing in the Snow


2 thoughts on “A Walk Along the Red River

    1. LOL Mary – I’m the one who doesn’t want to walk in the evening. Chester walks in the early morning when it is dark because that is when I walk. We also walk in the afternoon when it is bright but we never go out in the dark at night. 🙂


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