Grey Squirrel

A Grey Squirrel has now found my little bird feeder and I still haven’t seen a bird at it.  I may have to arrange something else to feed the birds.

This Grey Squirrel is a very big eater and he takes advantage of this easy meal (as does the Red Squirrel).

His tail seems a little short, so he will be easy to identify.

First day:

Second day:

On the second day, I had put food out about 15 minutes before I took the pictures.  I love the way he takes the slide down to the ground.  🙂



4 thoughts on “Grey Squirrel

    1. Yes Mary – I’m going to have to give the birds another feeder and let the squirrels keep this one or maybe give the squirrels something bigger too. I put more seeds out this morning and it is empty already today.


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