On Monday, Chester wasn’t interested in eating his breakfast.  This never happens – not since he has been on the seizure meds that make him hungry all the time.  He also had diarrhea and just didn’t have any bounce in his usual bouncy step.

I cleaned him up before going to work – all that hair at the back can sure collect something like diarrhea 😦 .  That night he did eat – although he took him much longer than usual and I saw no sign of the diarrhea, so we went to bed with hopes that this would clear itself up.

When he didn’t eat the next morning, and I saw the diarrhea was back, I phoned and made an appointment for him at the vet’s office for later that morning.

We had to wait a bit after we got there due to it being a very busy day with emergencies and a few things a little out of the ordinary – but we were finally called into an exam room.  Dr Worb was soon in there with us and he had lots of questions to try to find out what had caused all this with Chester.  We were not able to come up with anything as a cause, since nothing had changed, so he moved into the ‘let’s fix him up’ mode.  🙂

Dr Worb found a bacteria in a very loose stool sample and said that this is quite a common cause of the symptoms that Chester was having.  He sent Chester to the back to have his rear end cleaned up a bit, since I had hurried in as soon as I got home work and hadn’t had a chance to clean him up again before bringing him in.

He gave Chester an anti-biotic injection to give him an immediate boost and sent us home with both anti-biotic and pro-biotic to give him for the next 7 days.  He also had us take a prescription food to help with his digestion and said I could put some pumpkin on his food also.

He said Chester should be feeling better within a few hours or within 48 hours for sure.  If not within the 48 hours, I was to bring him back in again.

Chester ate good that night and both meals Wednesday, but on Thursday morning he did not want to eat his breakfast.  There was no sign of diarrhea and he was bouncy and alert though.  I was thinking he might not like the pumpkin or the pro-biotic, so I left the pumpkin off his dinner that night and he ate it all up.  The pro-biotic he only gets once a day (in the morning), so that was not on his dinner either – and it still could be either.   This morning I sliced a piece of wiener to put the pro-biotic in so he would have that on its own, and without pumpkin again he ate his breakfast just fine.

He still has 4 more days of the meds to take, but he is obviously feeling better and eating better and his butt is nice and clean.

Chester is sleeping now, so I just have a sleeping picture – along with an ‘eyes open, I know what you are doing’ picture, that I just took.

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  1. Oh Chester it’s not nice being ill but am glad your mammy took you to the vets and able to sort you out.This illness can leave you weak and tired so Chester rest up and you will soon be better. love from us both Benji and Mary

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