FitBit Update January, 2016

FitBit just sent me my annual report for 2015.  I don’t remember getting a report last year, but I’d only had my FitBit for a couple of months, so it probably wasn’t too impressive.

MWSnap02047 2016-01-30MWSnap02048 2016-01-30

Looking at the stats on Walking 4 Fun, this is what is see – but this covers right back to the day I joined Walking 4 Fun and includes January for this year also.

Total Counts
Steps: 8,823,277 steps
Distance: 4,176.5 miles
Burned: 442,998 cal (126.57 lbs)
Avg steps: 17,970 steps/day
Avg distance: 8.5 miles/day
Avg calories: 902 cal/day
Days walked: 491
Distance around earth: 16.79%
It is a wonder I haven’t lost a lot more weight than I have.  I’ve actually been stalled at a 35 lb loss for quite awhile now, but at least I’m holding steady and not gaining.