Snow Leopards

Snow Leopards are much more suited to the temperatures we have here in Winnipeg than the African Leopards are.  The Snow Leopards love the snow. Our zoo has been very successful in breeding these beautiful Leopards over the years and last year had two more cubs born here.  Although I am not thrilled with the… Continue reading Snow Leopards

McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre

The Assiniboine Park Zoo is home to the McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre, which features Percheron horses.  To me, this seems like an unusual addition to the zoo, since Percheron horses are not known in the wild as far as I know.  Of course, this exhibit was entirely funded by donations and the park is allowing… Continue reading McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre

Polar Bears and Seals

As mentioned in other posts, the Polar Bears are a big part of the Journey to Churchill exhibit at the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  Right beside the Polar Bears live one of their favourite foods – Seals – specifically Harbour Seals. While I was at the zoo on Friday, one of the Polar Bears was at… Continue reading Polar Bears and Seals

Love Those Wolves

We have had Wolves at the Assiniboine Park Zoo since the Journey to Churchill exhibit opened.  They have been taking up a section of the Polar Bear area and will be here until they need this space for Bears. My hope is that we can keep them.  They have a beautiful area with lots of… Continue reading Love Those Wolves

Bye Bye Lions

The Asian Lions are leaving the Assiniboine Park Zoo. I was at the zoo yesterday and at the time was not aware that they were leaving.  Both of them were hard to get pictures of this time so my last trip has only 1 sad picture of one of them. The brothers will be separated… Continue reading Bye Bye Lions

Memory 101

Basic memory I believe would be the 101 – and that is something that I have always been lacking.  Way back in school (and that was a long time ago now), I had problems memorizing things.  Once I knew it – I knew it, but it always took me a long time before I could… Continue reading Memory 101

Credit Card Woes

Please raise your hands if you have ever had your credit card compromised! I have to admit that I did it to myself a few years ago – during a stupid moment – but this time I was a victim of someone’s theft of my credit card details.  I have no idea how it happened.… Continue reading Credit Card Woes

Fort Whyte Alive – February 5

It was a beautiful day at Fort Whyte Alive on Friday.  The temperature was reasonable, the sun was shining (off & on) and for much of my walk, I did not see or hear anyone else around. I found deer!  🙂 At this point we heard a group (a very noisy group) of school kids… Continue reading Fort Whyte Alive – February 5

Red River Mutual Trail – part 2

A few days ago I showed you some pictures of the Red River Mutual Trail that goes by near my home.  I said I would walk along that trail to get pictures of the warming huts and show them to you.  Yesterday I was planning on walking, but was undecided about whether to do that… Continue reading Red River Mutual Trail – part 2

Red River Mutual Trail 2016

The Red River Mutual Trail has opened for 2016.  With the warmer than usual winter, it opened later than usual, but was completed very quickly so the short time can be enjoyed as long as possible. I just took my pictures from my usual vantage point along the Red River, but maybe this year I’ll… Continue reading Red River Mutual Trail 2016