Credit Card Woes

Please raise your hands if you have ever had your credit card compromised!

I have to admit that I did it to myself a few years ago – during a stupid moment – but this time I was a victim of someone’s theft of my credit card details.  I have no idea how it happened.

I have had this particular MasterCard for several years without incident.  Back when I got it, I had a home phone and that is the number that I had registered with the credit card company.  Unfortunately the credit card company was not on my list of places to notify when I switched to a cell phone and dropped the home phone a few years ago.

When the company was suspicious of some activity on my card, they tried to phone me without success using the old home phone number that they had for me.  They then put my card on hold and sent me a letter by snail mail asking me to contact them.  It is a good thing I hadn’t moved, since I may not have thought about giving them my new address either.  All my contact is usually done online, including receiving my bills – so I’m not sure why they didn’t use my email address. Thinking about it after I had the last sentence down I realize that there is so much spam appearing to be from banks and credit cards, that it probably wouldn’t have made it past my spam filter if they had emailed it.

Anyway – I called them when I received the snail mail – which was dated January 9th and I received on January  19th.  They had a list of 4 or 5 items that had been ordered or purchased in various places – mostly in the U.S. that I had nothing to do with.  I’m glad they caught those.  They said the credit card was now cancelled and they would be sending a new one out in approximately 5 days.

After talking to them, I decided to take a 2nd look at my last bill that had already been paid and I realized that one of the items on that bill did not belong to me either.  I called them back and let them know about it.  The reason I didn’t notice it when I got the bill is because it was with a company I used to use quite often, and still use once in awhile – so it didn’t set off any alarms when I saw it until I clicked on the business and saw that the location was in another province.  They sent that item to investigations along with the rest of them.  The items they caught have not appeared on my bill at all, but the one I caught is still on it and since it has been paid, I am hoping they will credit me for that amount.  It is much smaller than the ones that were caught before I had any knowledge of what was happening though.  I don’t know if they will let me know the results of the investigation.

The wait for my new card was much longer than 5 days and I just received it on February 10th.  January 19th to February 10th is a little over 3 weeks so that would be 17 business days.  Of course, if they issued it in 5 business days, the rest of the time could be explained by the snail mail method of getting it to me.  🙂


From now on I will make sure I notify the credit card companies of new addresses, phone number or whatever else I might change.

Anyway – I have my new credit card and I have activated it so it is ready to go.


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