Memory 101

Basic memory I believe would be the 101 – and that is something that I have always been lacking.  Way back in school (and that was a long time ago now), I had problems memorizing things.  Once I knew it – I knew it, but it always took me a long time before I could get to that point with anything.  I never did memorize the times table, but I knew how to figure it out instead.  I don’t think they do that now – since now they just have to learn how to use calculators.

Anyway – getting back to my basic memory.  As I said, it has never been good – but as I age, it is getting worse.  You’ve all seen the jokes about going into a room and forgetting why you were there, but once you went back into the other room, you remembered.  🙂  That’s me.

As a defense, I have become very good at being organized – everything has a place and it is  in that place when not being used.  That used to be easy with a home phone because it was in one place and you couldn’t walk around with it.  My cell phone is portable though.  If I am walking around while talking on it, I always walk back and put it where it belongs as soon as I finish the conversation.  This way I always know exactly where it is.  When I leave the house it goes into a small pocket in my purse – so it is always in one of those 2 spots unless I have it in my hands.

Yesterday, I was getting ready to go out, so I picked up my phone and was going to put it in my purse, when I noticed the face of it had a big smudge.   I grabbed my screen cleaning cloth and wiped it – then I remembered that my glasses for work needed a cleaning, so I got those out to clean.  At that moment, Chester let me know that he wanted inside.  It has been very cold the last couple of days, so I let him in as soon as he wants in and I went to the back door to let him in.  Then I cleaned my glasses.

I couldn’t remember if I had put my phone in my purse or not, so I looked.  It wasn’t in my purse, so I looked at its regular spot on my desk and it wasn’t there either.  A shelf just above that spot has occasionally been a temporary spot too, but it wasn’t there.  I walked to the back door,where I had gone to let Chester inside,  checking the counters and on top of the dishwasher in the kitchen,  and on top of the freezer in the back porch, but it wasn’t on any of those places.  I went back to the living room and re-checked the entire desk and dug into different places in my purse and still couldn’t find it.

I remembered that years ago I had registered my phone at the Samsung site and there was a find your phone app where I could either lock the phone or have it make a loud sound, so I went to that site.  All I need was for someone to dial my number so it would ring because I knew it was in my house.  I thought of phoning someone to ask them to phone me – but that was silly.  If I had another phone I could have phoned myself.  😀

I couldn’t find the find your phone link at the Samsung site and I got a little popup window asking if they could help – so I clicked that to get them to point me in the right direction.  The first person I got said he/she wasn’t trained in that and would transfer me to someone else.  The 2nd person asked if the phone was on mute and I said no, it was not.  The answer then was to phone my number myself. I told him/her that this was the only phone I have in the house.  The next response was that they couldn’t help me then.

It really surprised me that neither one would offer to call my number for me. It is  phone company – they make phones.

I had to get going, so I left home without my phone – which is really no big deal, since I seldom use it.  It is just that I am used to having it with me all the time now – whether I use it or not.  When away from home, I probably use it more to check the time than anything else.

When I returned home I found the phone under the cleaning cloth that I had used to clean it and the glasses.  🙂

2016-02-13 001 (466x800)


I wonder who that dog is on my screen  🙂


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  1. Ha ha, it’s not only you, I have to do the same, otherwise I could send all day looking for the phone and any thing else small 🙂 Now that wouldn’t happen to be Chester would it, yes it is 🙂

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