Bye Bye Lions

The Asian Lions are leaving the Assiniboine Park Zoo.

I was at the zoo yesterday and at the time was not aware that they were leaving.  Both of them were hard to get pictures of this time so my last trip has only 1 sad picture of one of them.

The brothers will be separated and sent to different zoos in England where they will each be with  a female.  Asian Lions are rare and this will give them the opportunity to increase their numbers as they continue the climb from near extinction several years ago.

I will miss hearing their roars.  They did give me a nice last roar after I left them yesterday.  I wonder if they knew that would be my last visit with them.

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Asian Lion

They are leaving behind a beautiful enclosure.  It is beautiful – but not large enough for 2 Lions in my opinion.  I hope they will use it for smaller critters who will appreciate the space.

My suggestion (if anyone is interested) would be to use the enclosure for either Red Panda,  Lynx or Snow Leopard.  These species would benefit from the extra space here compared to what they have now.  It is also time to get rid of the cages where the cats are currently residing.  The spot in Toucan Ridge where the Pandas are now could be used for other small critters.

Most of the grazing animals have huge spaces as do the Polar Bears now – but the cats are all confined in very small cages.  The Tigers have benefited from a donation to enlarge their facility, but the rest of the cats have been left behind.  Maybe they have plans for them, but so far they haven’t let the rest of us know.

Anyway – bye bye Lions – I hope you have a good flight and that you have a beautiful large place to live in England.

If you live near one of the zoos in England, please stop by the Lion exhibit to say hi to the Lions from me.

I wonder if one of those zoos in England is where Christopher Robin met his friend Winnie the Poo.  If you are not from Winnipeg, you may not know that the bear named  Winnie was named after Winnipeg.

It would help you to know where to find these guys if you are in England – so one is going to London Zoo and the other to Chessington Zoo.



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    1. One is going to London Zoo and the other to Chessington Zoo. I will add that since it would be hard for anyone to visit and say hi to them unless they know where they will be. Thanks Mary (and also to Blue who asked the same question on FaceBook).


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