Love Those Wolves

We have had Wolves at the Assiniboine Park Zoo since the Journey to Churchill exhibit opened.  They have been taking up a section of the Polar Bear area and will be here until they need this space for Bears.

My hope is that we can keep them.  They have a beautiful area with lots of space to roam and I would hate to send them back to a cage.

Our Polar Bear numbers are increasing, but so far there have been no problems adding the new ones to the current population, since all the Bears are young and they have a huge area to roam.  The first Polar Bear to move in was Hudson, who was born and raised in a zoo, but the rest have been orphaned cubs.  These cubs would not have survived on their own and luckily were brought here to live.

I am hoping that a part of the plans in store for the zoo will include a permanent large space for the Wolves.  Here are some pictures I took of these beautiful animals when I was at the Zoo on Friday.

If you click on one of the pictures,  you can scroll through larger individual pictures.

Does anyone have a few million dollars to donate that would ensure they will have their own permanent space here?  Guess I’ll have to buy some lottery tickets.

4 thoughts on “Love Those Wolves

  1. I just wish I had the money, there is so much I would for all animals if I won the lottery. They are beautiful animals, near us you can go for a walk with some, I think they might be a bit tamer than these. I think they were rescued ones and they now live on a large farm in a huge enclosure and school children visit to learn all about them. I hope you get to keep your Wolves 🙂

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