Polar Bears and Seals

As mentioned in other posts, the Polar Bears are a big part of the Journey to Churchill exhibit at the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  Right beside the Polar Bears live one of their favourite foods – Seals – specifically Harbour Seals.

While I was at the zoo on Friday, one of the Polar Bears was at the window to the Seal pool, watching the little guys swimming and having fun.  I am pretty sure the Seals know they are safe and were teasing the Bear, much like the squirrels in my back yard tease Chester.

Here are some pictures that I took on Friday.  I think the Bear might be Hudson.  There was only one in the water at this time.

2016-02-19 Feb 20 009 (800x719)2016-02-19 Feb 20 010 (732x800)2016-02-19 Feb 20 011 (800x724)

At least one of the Seals loves to interact with people and will follow a hand around in circles or lines or figure 8s for as long as anyone wants to keep their hand on the glass.  The children love this.  🙂  Actually, the adults love it too.