Chester’s New Toy

Chester love his toys and he has plenty of them to play with.  The squeaky ones are his favourites, but as his hearing fades, he sometimes doesn’t hear them any more.

One of my co-workers was telling me about a new squeaky toy she had picked up for her dog and commented on how loud it was.  She said that although her dog also loved squeaky toys, she did not like this one and was even avoiding it completely.

I mentioned that I should get one like it for Chester since he would probably be able to hear it.  She said she would bring it in and give it to me for him and she did.

Well – Chester loves it and I believe that being able to hear it is a big part of it.  This is the first (and often the only) toy he normally picks up these days.  The rest of his toys are still scattered around on the floor though. He does grab one or more of them every once in awhile – usually right after I pile them all up and push them off to the side.  🙂

Here is a short video of him playing and squeaking.  🙂

Chester and his new toy
Chester and his new toy