The Changing of the Phones

I haven’t had the best of luck with my last 2 phone due to battery problems.  The first one was Samsung Ace 2.  I had that one for just over 2 years without any problem and then the battery wouldn’t hold a charge for more than a few hours.  I also noticed that the phone itself was hot to the touch.  I went in to get a new battery and ended up walking out with a new phone – a Samsung Galaxy S3.

After about 10 months the new phone battery wouldn’t hold a charge, so I bought a new battery for it and  I found out that batteries are expensive.  That battery lasted about the same amount of time.  So – again, before my contract was finished, I ended up moving to a new phone.  Both times I had to pay out the balance of the money owing on the phone.  Virgin (my provider) does not charge for the phone when you get it and deducts a percentage of the monthly contract from the price of the phone.  If you leave early, you pay the balance owing.  The last time it was about $80. since that was a 3 year contract and there was almost a year left and this time it was $38. for a 2 year contract with just over a month left.

I am losing money by not keeping the phone for the entire contract – but it didn’t make sense to get another battery for $50. when there was only another month and a bit left on the contract.  Other than the battery issues, I have been happy with the phones, but I decided I would not get another Samsung.  Reading comments online, I see quite a few people have battery complaints about Samsung.

So – now I have an IPhone 5 and have to learn how to operate it.  The lady at Virgin transferred my phone number over to the new phone, so I don’t have to notify anyone of a change of number luckily.  She also transferred all my pictures and  contacts over.  I have to fix the way the contacts are listed though.  Instead of them going in the same order as I had them (which was generally under the first name or by the name of the company), it filed them all under last name or the last word in the company name.   For instance one of the companies I work for has 2 numbers – one is the office and the other is a number to call in to leave messages.  So I had them filed under A (for ABC company).  The IPhone filed them under O for Office (ABC Office) and M for Messages (ABC Messages).  This is a bit of a nuisance when they had been both under A and quick to access.  I also had my doctor and dentist both filed under D – easy to find.  Now they are under their last name so I have to search for them.  Some people were entered twice as first name and work or home – both filed under first name – Fred home and Fred work – now they are under H and W instead of both being under F for Fred.  I spent some time this morning fixing some of them, but still have several to go.

I am unable to download Sleep Genius to my new phone (unless I pay for it).  I don’t know if they no longer offer the free version at all or if it is just IPhone that has to pay.  I do like the app, but don’t like the idea of paying for it – sorry.  Last night I took the old phone upstairs with me and used it for Sleep Genius though and it works – so I might continue to do that for as long as I can.  I still have to set up the other apps I had on the Samsung onto the IPhone.

I really like how quickly the IPhone updates my FitBit stats compared to the  Samsung.  When I open the app, it updates immediately, instead of spinning for several seconds – often so long that the screen goes off and I have to open it again for it to continue to update the information.

If anyone has any tips for IPhone use and/or shortcuts or whatever – I would be pleased to hear them, as this is a different world for me.

The Old and The New
The Old                                   and                         The New

I wonder who that dog is and how he got on both my phones  😉

The story doesn’t end here – see part 2.