Officially – it is spring!  But – unofficially, there is still snow on the ground here.  It is going, for sure, but it is still here.

We lost almost all the snow nice and early this year – much earlier than usual, but then it snowed again and the temperature hasn’t made it much above freezing since.

The ice on Red River has broken and is flowing nicely in spots.  🙂  I took a couple of short videos where you can hear the ice rubbing against ice as it moves.

I have grouped the pictures together by days, but as usual, you can see larger versions by clicking on them.

Pictures from March 12th:

Pictures from March 16th:

Videos from March 16th:


I didn’t take any pictures of the yard on the 16th, but the snow was gone except along the north side of the fence.

Pictures taken March 17th:

Pictures taken March 18th: