The Changing of the Phones – part 2

As often seems to happen, something that I thought was settled, actually wasn’t.  Such is the case with my new IPhone 5 from a couple of weeks ago.

I had not been planning on getting a new phone when I went to talk to my cell phone company that day, so had not been prepared or thought about alternate phones.  When she offered the IPhone 5 to me I decided to go for it – but then I found out that others had been offered the IPhone 6 without charge at other places that weekend.  Newer sounds better – and once I saw the IPhone 6, and saw that it was closer in size to my old Samsung, I knew that is what I wanted.  I had no idea if Virgin would take the 5 back and give me a 6 – but decided the only way to find out would be to go and ask them.

So – after work one day I headed back to talk to them.  They said there would not be a problem as long as I hadn’t used the 5 over the limit they had for returning it.  That checked out ok and they said I would have to change my plan, which would cost an additional $5. per month.  That was ok too – so we made the switch and I returned home with my new IPhone 6.

The rep that day moved things over and got it all set up for me with the same phone number again.  He had me set my fingerprint to unlock it and I really like that method.

I am not sure why the first rep I had at Virgin didn’t give me the option between the 5 & 6 on that day.  If I had seen the 2 of them and been able to make a choice, I would have taken the 6 without hesitation.

I’m very happy with the final result though and you shouldn’t be seeing a phone story from me again for at least 2 years.  🙂

Here is the  newest new phone and the original old phone.

2016-03-25 March 25 116 (800x701)

There’s my boy Chester on both the phones again.  🙂


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