More From Assiniboine Park Zoo

I had more than enough Polar Bear pictures to fill my last entry so now here are more of the critters from that trip to the zoo.


Canada Geese (who live there because they want to).

Arctic Fox

Neither of these 2 would hold still for pics, so this is all I managed.

Harbour Seals

I should have taken a video of these 2 seals.  They were twirling around and around each other.  I haven’t seen this behaviour in them before.  They often play and chase each other around – but this was different.  I wonder if they are mating?  According to one of the volunteers – she had never seen this before either, but they were doing the same thing earlier when she was watching them.

More to come tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “More From Assiniboine Park Zoo

  1. Beautiful photos. I saw today, in Scotland, they are trying to breed the only female Polar bear in the UK with a male bear, who seems more intent on his food than anything else. Oh well fingers crossed that he finds some ardour from somewhere 🙂

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