Still More from Assiniboine Park Zoo

A lot of the critters at Assiniboine Park Zoo were awake and active when I was there on Friday – so I have lots of pictures and videos to share.  So, we continue with more of them today.  🙂

Snow Leopard

These are the 2 young ones that were born last year.  I couldn’t see what they were watching, but something sure had their attention.


The Tiger in the first picture here (where you can see the bars across it) was right beside me and walked along his enclosure beside me all the way to the end.  I was talking to him as we walked (of course).

Stellar’s Sea Eagle

Asian Lion

2016-03-25 March 25 077 (800x599)

There is still one of the Lions left in Winnipeg.  I was under the impression that they would both have moved to London by now.  A volunteer who stopped by was also surprised that he was there.  Poor guy wanted outside, but I guess it was a little to chilly to let him out yet.  I hope it is warm enough in London that he will be able to go outside year round.

Toucan Ridge Critters and plants

Ocelot, Spoonbill and some beautiful flowers.

Also in Toucan Ridge was this bird.  I found out it is a Sun Bittern and his name is Romeo.  He is looking for a mate and not having any success.  Luckily, the zoo is currently looking for one for him.

A sloth exercising – don’t often see them even move.

This ends my visit to the zoo on Friday.  Hope you enjoyed it.  🙂