Fort Whyte Alive – April

As I mentioned yesterday, I was finally feeling much better after almost getting rid of the never-ending cold.

My membership at Fort Whyte Alive expires at the end of April and if I renew before then, I get a 10% discount, so I decided that a walk in the cool fresh air just might help me feel even better – so that is where I went after breakfast.

They were having problems entering my renewal at the promised rate and I was sure glad that I had brought the renewal notice along with me.  They told me to go for my walk and they would have it straightened out by the time I got back and I also heard that the first buffalo calf had been born that morning.

I did see the calf – although it would not stand up for me and they did have it straightened out by the time I returned to the desk.  I only did about 1/2 my normal walk there, but it really did feel good to be out in the fresh air while I was there and I paid for a 3 year renewal for my membership at a great rate.  🙂

Here are my pictures from Fort Whyte Alive starting with the new baby Buffalo!

2016-04-22 Fort Whyte Apr 22 004 (800x600)2016-04-22 Fort Whyte Apr 22 005 (800x791)

And a short video of the Red Wing Blackbird’s song.