Change in Lifestyle

I have been busy making plans and acting on them as required in the last few weeks.

As many of you know – I tried to retire 2 years ago and failed.  The problem was that bills kept coming in, but my pension money wasn’t enough to cover them.  😦  So, I went back to work, but just part time.

Things have not changed and it was looking bleak that I would ever get to retire and not work.

My only asset was my house, but I was determined to stay here as long as I have  Chester, since this is his home.  Chester is now 13 and is still going strong.  The idea of working yet another 2 years was just not something that I wanted to do, so I decided that both Chester and I can and will adapt to apartment living.

First plan was to find a place where I could take Chester.  Most apartments that will take dogs want small dogs.  The restrictions vary between the number of inches tall and the number of pounds – but Chester at 50 lbs was just too big to be considered.  I thought that telling them that he was a senior might let them make an exception, but that didn’t work.

Finally I found a place that did not have limitation on size or weight, but they had specific breed bans.  I don’t agree with all the breeds that they have banned, but Irish Setters are not on the list – so we now have a new home.  Or, at least we will have a new home on June 1st.  The apartment is exactly what I wanted and the property is near a river – not the Red River, but the Seine River and there is a beautiful walk through some bush (on a path) to get there.  I am looking forward to letting Chester explore our new area.  Here are some pictures taken when I walked there on the day I went to see the apartment.


Next to do is sell the house and that will be started this afternoon when my realtor comes over to help me through this process.  Then I’ll be packing – but I will try to keep in touch a bit better than I have been lately.

4 thoughts on “Change in Lifestyle

  1. Good luck with your move. Those walks look so very beautiful – all a dog and dog lover need.
    Like yourself I await my solicitor to contact re the signing maybe in 2 weeks. We’ve been packing like mad and only bare essential stuff now. Have you a garden or somewhere for a few pot plants?
    Its taken me a while to sort my garden out but now it’s ready. Guess things are a bit easier over there for selling and buying. Hugs and nose rubs to Chester and love to you. Mary and Benji x x x

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    1. Thanks for your comment Mary. Maybe we will be moving at the same time. I won’t have access to any garden area, but I do have my private balcony where I can have some planters. I am hoping I can sell the house quickly or I will be paying for both, which is certainly not ideal and will eat up my profits from the house much too quickly.


  2. Good luck, Mavis. I am hoping to sell my place and move to an apt in about 3 years. I, too, hate shoveling and all yard work really. A balcony is all I need! Does this mean you will be quitting the part time job?

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  3. Yes – that is the plan Teresa. I will have to wait until the house sells though – so hopefully that will happen quickly.


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