Back to Some Critters

I have been very lax at keeping up with the critters in the neighbourhood.  For some reason, I often even forget my camera when Chester and I head out for our walks- so I don’t have many pictures – but I do have a few.

I haven’t had time to figure out the bird that was high up in my Elm Tree the other day, but as soon as I do get time to check it out, I will update it here.  It is one of the smaller hawks or falcons.  I am just on my way out for a dentist check-up and I have lots of cleanup to do here before the listing of my house goes live on Monday.  🙂

2016-04-29 May 6 001 (800x600)2016-04-29 May 6 003 (800x600)2016-04-29 May 6 006 (800x600)

2016-04-29 May 6 007 (800x600)

So other than the hawk, we have a beautiful Wood Duck and a little bunny that didn’t think I could see him.

Back from the dentist and I think the bird is a Merlin.  Looks quite a bit like the one that was up in the same tree in April 2012 – but seems a bit paler.  See that bird here.