A Wild Ride (but short)

This isn’t really a ride – but my first house for sale story.  I told you earlier that I had found an apartment for Chester and I to move to and that the next step was selling the house.

With the help of a friend, I found and hired a realtor (Josh).  Well, I guess I didn’t find him, since he wasn’t lost – but I hired him anyway.

I had a few days after meeting him to clean up the house enough to be presentable and that was quite a chore.  It certainly wasn’t perfect – but it was presentable by the time Josh came over to take pictures on Monday and get it officially up for sale that evening.

We corresponded a bit by text as he was putting everything together and he sent a link to me once it was finished.  A few minutes after it was listed, he got his first call to arrange a viewing for Tuesday.  Not long after that he got another call from another realtor wanting to see my house in about an hour.

Chester and I had to leave and go for a walk to stay out of the way.  Before leaving, I glanced out the front window to see a car going by very slowing and snapping pictures so I decided to leave right then although it was before the time arranged for the viewing.  The same car was driving by in the back when we got out there and neighbours also noticed the picture snapping towards my house.  I have no way of knowing if these people were the ones coming in a few minutes or the ones coming tomorrow.

Chester and I walked around a bit and then headed for a nearby playground to sit while we waited to receive the all clear from Josh to go back home.

The viewing was a success and they told Josh that an offer would be prepared and presented.  The next morning the one scheduled viewing took place, while Josh walked Chester, since I was at work.  Another viewing also happened before I got back home.

Neither of the morning viewings resulted in an offer, but Josh did have the offer from the night before, so when I got home from work, we sat down to take a look at it.

We were both amazed and excited to see that the offer was the asking price!

SOLD in less than 24 hours.

2016-05-12 May 12 002 (800x600)

It is going to feel strange to live somewhere else.  I have been in this house for 32 years, which is longer than I have ever lived in one place before.

2 thoughts on “A Wild Ride (but short)

  1. Oh my, how exciting. I’m still waiting. I have my offer and accepted and I have put the offer in for the new home. In limbo at present, awaiting for that phone call to go and sign the contract. Its not far off I’m sure. For the past few months flat strewn with packed boxes and in a mess and living out of suitcase as some ‘summer’ weather is being enjoyed. The house you are leaving looks lovely and I’m sure you will have many happy memories to remember it by.

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  2. Thanks Mary – hope you can get out of limbo very soon. I’m going to miss my old house, but excited to be moving forward now.


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