Up, Up and …

This morning I was booked for the hot air balloon ride with Sundance again. Last night when I phoned to check the status I was amazed when he said the flight was ON!  I am so used to hearing that the flight has been cancelled, that I had to phone back again to listen – just in case.

He gave the time and place where we were to meet this morning, so I was up bright and early and ready to head out.  I phoned once more just to make sure things hadn’t changed and it was still ON!

After breakfast and a walk with Chester, I headed out to Kildonan Park to go on my long awaited ride.  I got there early so I would be able to watch and take pictures as the balloon was set up.

I saw the Sundance Balloon vehicle and met the man whose voice I have heard many times over the phone.  Then he told me that the wind had changed and it was no longer safe to go up.  He told me I could wait and it might change again by the time the sun was up.  At that point, it wasn’t going to hurt to wait a bit and since I was the only passenger there so far, I waited and watched.

The man (I should have got his name), took a little balloon out into the field and let it go to check the upper air current.  Now I know how they do that.  The balloon did not have a smooth flight.  😦

More people were showing up for the ride at that point and were being told that the flight was now cancelled and we would have to re-book it again.

I took a few pictures and headed for home.

2016-06-08 June 8 001 (800x647)
The man behind the voice.
2016-06-08 June 8 002 (800x599)
The other 2 guys.

2016-06-08 June 8 003 (800x473)2016-06-08 June 8 004 (800x544)2016-06-08 June 8 005 (800x506)

2016-06-08 June 8 006 (800x600)
A truck with the 2nd balloon.

2016-06-08 June 8 007 (800x598)2016-06-08 June 8 008 (800x600)

2016-06-08 June 8 009 (800x599)
Test Balloon (failed)

Guess I can pack a few more boxes today, since I won’t be having my after flight champagne.

2 thoughts on “Up, Up and …

  1. Thanks Mary – I still have quite a bit to pack.
    I’m so happy that you have a definite date now – one day before I make my move 🙂


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