We have settled into somewhat of a schedule with Chester – walks, and in-between walks (which is usually sleep).  Most of the time, he is still just plodding along on our walks – not particularly showing any interest in anything, but once in awhile he perks up and is back to his normal self at least for a few minutes.

He saw a dog outside the window yesterday and started to race to another window to get another look, but then realized that there is only 1 window where he can see outside here.  The other ones are up too high for him and I really don’t want him racing from window to window anyway.  He has a problem with arthritis on his back left leg and would end up falling when racing between windows at the house.  He also saw another dog when we were out yesterday and a squirrel on another walk yesterday and both of those instances got him prancing for a few minutes, which is his usual walk.

The vet has been trying different meds to help his arthritis, but none of them seem to help.  The current one has stopped the little shuffle he was doing between his left front and back legs – but the back leg now gives out on him sometimes and he falls.  I think I prefer the shuffle – although the meds are probably not causing the falls.

On one of our walks yesterday, I saw deer tracks just in behind the units that face the Seine River – no sign of any deer at the time though.  This morning I saw a deer in the little meadow behind the next property not far from where I saw the tracks yesterday.  I guess I’m going to have to start bringing my camera with me on our walks here.  Chester was busy sniffing and did not see her.

I have been cautious about leaving him alone in the apartment while I go out, even though he is used to being alone in the house and was often alone due to work or other activities. I have slowly started leaving him alone here now – first, just for a few minutes while I ran to the car to bring something in, then yesterday for about 30 min while I went to pick up a few groceries and today for about an hour when I went back to the house to get a few more items.  He has done fine and each time I find him sleeping near the door.  I have blocked him off so that he only has access to the den, the laundry room and the bathroom and I plan to continue this.  In the house, he was blocked into the kitchen and back porch because his huge appetite (due to the meds he takes) could cause him to eat things I would rather he didn’t (especially plants).  That also kept him away from windows where he might see something to get him excited and possibly hurt himself.  The 3 rooms here give him about the same amount of space that he had in the house and access to his water dish when I’m not home.

While I was writing this, Chester was laying in front of the patio window, but somehow realized I had my camera and was going to take a picture.  I wanted to show him looking out the window, but he turned and gave me that look before coming over to lie down beside me. What a goof!

2016-06-21 June 21 002 (800x600)2016-06-21 June 21 003 (600x800)2016-06-21 June 21 005 (600x800)

We headed out for another walk after the pictures.  🙂



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