Things Can Change Very Quickly

The last couple of weeks, Chester has had some ups and downs that I attributed to the packing, moving, unpacking, losing his yard, etc.

Most of his ups were when I took him back to the house, so he could hang out in his yard while I did more packing and cleaning – which fit in with what I was thinking.  But looking back now (while he is currently at the Emergency Clinic here with heart problems), I realize that it has likely been his heart all this time.

On Friday night when we went for our last walk of the day, he had been at his highest since we moved here.  He pranced around alert and investigating everything and was just like his normal self again.

It wasn’t until Saturday morning when he was very lethargic, refused to eat his breakfast and then had some diarrhea a couple of hours later that I decided to take him in to see his veterinarian.

After she detected the rapid and abnormal heartbeat, she referred me to the emergency clinic that is more qualified to deal with this situation, especially on a weekend.  They have staff on duty all the time, unlike the regular veterinarian offices, so he would be monitored.

I am hoping he will be able to come home today.2014-12-07 007 (651x800)

This was my FaceBook picture for awhile.


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    1. Thanks blosslyn – he is still in the hospital, but I think I can bring him home tomorrow. His heart rate is better, but still irregular and his temperature is back down. He still isn’t eating and still has diarrhea though.

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